The two men who bear the name of this website hail from opposite hemispheres, remember opposite summers and maintain opposite capacities for facial hair. We worked together at TBWA and Zulu Alpha Kilo. We are now at BBDO.


Guilherme Bermejo - Art Director

Gui has an immigrant's work ethic, a Brazilian's passion and the sense of humour of a guy who knows no language barrier. His design chops were developed in his early twenties living in Londrina, a quaint Brazilian hamlet of half a million people. Looking for international experience, he ventured to the not-at-all-similar city of Kingston Ontario. He attended St. Lawrence College’s advertising program, found himself a job at TBWA\Toronto, and created the work you see here.

Quick hits:

-       Gui frequently wears a jiu jitsu gi. He’s been tussling with dudes since he was a wee lad.

-       When not drinking beer, Gui makes his own. Whether you ask him or not, he’ll probably tell you all about it.

-       Gui is a bona fide chef. He makes meals that often contain more than six ingredients to the amazement of Nick.

-       Gui speaks three languages. Portuguese, English, and a hybrid language, Guiguage.

-       Gui once broke his foot doing the only thing he should be good at—playing soccer.

-       Gui doesn’t want to talk about the 2014 World Cup.

-       In 15 years, Gui will have had nearly thirty years in the industry.


Nick Doerr - Copywriter

Nick has resided in Advertising Proper since his mid-twenties. Before moving, he majored in English and Professional Writing and minored in endless encyclopedia search tangents and lengthy 4am conversations. His post-graduate years were a mixed bag of gigs: from law firms to charities, to call centres to a two year stint managing one of the largest DJ schools in North America. The variety of experiences was all well and good, but he’s elated to have found a career he loves. Now he just doesn't want to screw it up.

Quick hits:

-       Nick used to teach a room full of high school kids on twenty-eight turntables how to scratch records at the same time. Getting the attention of clients in a presentation has since not been a problem.

-       Nick helped produce a TV segment with a few friends at said DJ school. A metal band learns to DJ. It looked an awful lot like this:

-       Nick used to play the drums, loudly, in his parents basement. It was pure suburban bliss.

-       In a desperate attempt to get time off, Nick wrote a highly verbose and elaborate vacation request letter to his boss Jack Neary who later read it to the agency at an all-staff meeting. You can read it on our old book here:

-       Nick is an only child and apparently acts that way.

-       Nick enjoys sitting idly, racquet sports, rooftop patios and mood lighting.

-       Nick is fluent in Guiguage.


Together, we've found our stride, combining Gui's fresh perspective on North American culture with Nick's lifetime commitment to it. From the first day we met, we've had a surprising ability to tell each our ideas are terrible, which has made getting to the good ones that much easier.

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